Note for Photography Classes-

1. We will be on location so a car or ride share is a must.

2. We will be shooting on DSLR cameras so you will need one. Mirrorless, Dslr, any interchangeable lens camera will do.

3. A variety of lenses would be great. Two or more is ideal, one is fine too.

4. Bring a snack.

5. Any classes postponed due to weather etc will be made up at a future date.

6. Bring your owners manual! I shoot on Canon, so bear with me as I learn your Nikon Camera.

7. If you are registering for the adult and kids class please register each participant and make sure they have access to a camera (better yet a camera of their own to use).

Learn what you are interested in. Our classes are great for terrified beginners. Fun based, low pressure, great music and the coffees on.

Spring Session